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Our new Remembrance garden flags are now available for ordering.  Because this will the first production run for the Remebrance flag, shipping of the order will be delayed two weeks.  The first shipment will go out on June 13th.  We suggest that you reserve your order quickly, as the first production run is limited and is expected to go quickly. Order yours today! 


Thank you for all those who have placed orders for the Lyme Disease "Awareness" and "Survivor" flags. The demand for these flags have been incredible.  In just four years, we have sold and donated hundreds of flags.  Thank you for your part in spreading the word about the reality of Lyme.  I've heard testimonies from customers of how this small flag chas helped someone else know that they aren't alone in their fight.  Having the flag in an area for others to see has brought about conversations with mail carriers, lawncare servicemen, pest control servicemen, neighbors, friends, and family. Thank you!

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Current Sale!

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New Flag Designs. is excited to announce our third garden flag "Remembrance" will be going into production this week.  Lyme Disease "Awareness" and "Survivor" garden flags also available for purchase.   Our flags are the first ever Lyme Disease garden flags on the market.   With your support over the last four years we have been able to expand the awareness of Lyme disease.  Thank you for helping us make that happen.  Thank you so much for bringing about awareness by flying our flags proudly in your yard.  God bless!

The new "Remembrance"  garden flag was designed in memory of our lost warriors.  You are gone, but will never be forgotten.  This flag hits home with most who have been in this fight for years and years, as we have lost many dear friends and family members from Lyme and Co-infections.  Our hearts will forever hold a special place for them and our lives are changed because of that.  This flag represents that love and respect we still hold in our hearts for them.  It is my hope to able to go into production with this flag before the end of this Spring.  With your continued support and spreading the word about our flags- we were able bring this new flag to market.  Thank you!

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